Meet Our Team


Dr. Denise Jacobs


  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Alternative Medicine

About Me:

I’m Dr. Denise Jacobs or Dr. D for short. I am a board-certified and licensed Acupuncture Physician, as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, and am AIT certified. I am also a D.O.T. medical examiner.  I am Board Certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. I also received my Bachelor’s in Chemistry from the University of South Florida. 

For the past 7 years, I have been helping people along their wellness journey. With over 4,000 hours of residency and clinical experience, I have successfully treated hundreds of patients for countless conditions. My background in weight loss and sports, provides me a thorough understanding of  what it takes to succeed.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or not, I can help you become the best version of yourself.


  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • D.A.C.M. (Chinese Medicine)

  • M.S.O.M. (Oriental Medicine)

  • B.P.H.S (Health Science)

  • B.A.Chem (Chemistry)

  • A.I.T. (Injections)

  • D.O.T. Medical Examiner

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Jim Prendergast

Operations Manager

About Me:
From: St. Louis, MO Education: Missouri State University 1994-Business


United States Fight League 2017-present Official
UMMAF- National Sanctioning Director 2014-15
Kick International- Referee/Official 2011-2014
ISKA- Official, Judge, Referee 2009-2011
NCAA Division I All-American Wrestler -1993
NCAA Qualifier 1993 and 1994
Missouri State University Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee 2007 Missouri, Nevada and Arizona High School Wrestling Official


Nate Wood

About Me:
From: West Virginia Education: Fairmont State University- BS Exercise Physiology


  • Beginner Training

  • Body Building

  • Sport Specific Training

  • Senior Fitness

My Training Philosophy:

Fitness has been a major part of my life for the past 16 years. When I was younger I was really skinny, and shy as can be. I was at the most 120lbs soak and wet on a good day.

I remember like it was yesterday. My mother asked if I wanted to try out a nearby gym with her since I had become of the age requirement. My first instinct was fearful of how I would do and what people would think of me. This mentality couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

I walked in the fitness center and the front desk employee introduced themselves and then proceeded to show me around the gym. The staff and members were so welcoming almost like a family. The employee then asked if I wanted to do a quick workout to see, I said sure and from there I fell in love with it. From that day forward the gym has been my Sanctuary, my alone time to think and one of my happy places.

I attribute a lot of my success from the discipline that I learned from the gym. The consistency that you need, drive and Never give up attitude to reach your goals can help you in any aspect of your life. I am extremely thankful and grateful for my mother first introducing me to it because since that day my life has change for the better.

Fast forward to 16 years later I am a successful business owner of a personal training company. The hundreds of people that I’ve trained over the years have brought me so much joy. I couldn’t be any more happy for the life that I have. I wake up every day knowing that I work for myself and that I am positively impacting people on a daily basis.

If my mother would’ve never asked me to go to the gym that day, even if I would’ve accepted her offer I don’t think that I would be where I am today so for that I am truly grateful. Never give up and always follow your passion.

-Nate Wood


Ace Certified Trainer

jessica (1).jpg

Jessica Dante

Personal Trainer & Licensed Esthetician


  • Sports Conditioning

  • Strength & Resistance Training

  • Orthopedic Exercise

My Training Philosophy:

Jessica is a graduate of NPTI with a diploma in Personal Training, as well as a certification as a Bone Health Specialist (Osteoblast Training™ [NASM Accredited]). She also received a license in both esthetics and massage therapy from Aveda Institute. As a licensed skincare specialist, she thoroughly observes and treats a variety of skincare conditions through customized facials and peels.  Jessica is passionate about helping individuals improve their health, physical well-being, and mind-set about exercise, while remaining professional, approachable, and adaptive.


Colleen Gordon


  • Medical Massage Therapist

Professional Background

Twenty years of energetic body work have been an excellent preparation for a career as a massage therapist. I am comfortable communicating with many different personalities, and I fully understand what it takes to provide such a necessary service to someone in need.

In addition to the 500 hour program at Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, I am a trained Hospice volunteer.

Education and Training

Central Florida School of Massage Therapy
General Massage Therapy
Winter Park, Florida, USA
Swedish, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, cranio-sacral release, sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, shiatsu. Graduated 500 hour program, achieving national certification.


Central Florida School of Massage Therapy
Clinical Supervision Certificate
Hospice Dedicated Volunteer Service
International Association of Animal Massage and Body Work International Association of Reiki Professionals

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work Formulating Pain Relief Plan for Massage Therapists
State Of Florida Certified Massage Therapist



Luis Burgos


  • Functional Training

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Marathon Training

My Training Philosophy:

My name is Luis Burgos and I have always been passionate about fitness.  From a very young age I started playing sports and before I knew it, it became an addiction.  I expanded my knowledge in the university, learning the Science behind Athletics and Nutrition.  My passion for health, fitness and my new understanding of the academic aspects that inspired, made me a certified physical trainer for Recreation and Sports of Puerto Rico and World Institute of Sports Science.  At first it was a simple secondary job, but the connection I felt with my clients and their success transformed it quickly into something MORE ...

Especially when I learned about the difficulties that some clients had to lose weight and get in shape.  In fact, I had clients QUITTING ON ME due to the difficult physical conditioning routines that I put them through.  Sometimes I worked them until they were literally sick, dizzy and unable to continue.  As I said before, the welfare of my clients is my main concern, so you could imagine my anguish when I witnessed them feeling they had failed.

I decided it was my job to learn more ... As a PROFESSIONAL, I believe it is my responsibility to be the expert, and I was willing to ANY LENGTH to become that person in whom people could TRUST.  I decided to become the main authority in what it meant to lose weight, gain muscle mass and live a healthier lifestyle ...


I decided to compete in Mr Puerto Rico, Fitness and Bodybuilding.

REMEMBER, I had been in athletics since I was very young, so the idea and concept of achieving my maximum potential in (muscle) and (minimal body fat) was very strange to me.  However, it was the ONLY way I could better understand the people who had me. 

Then I did it, with the weekly food challenges and thousands of observers, I gained more than 15 pounds in muscle mass with a very low% fat, I let myself go completely.  For 6 MONTHS working with my body, I ate a specific diet and restricted supplementation.

I won over 15 POUNDS IN MUSCLE and A VERY LOW FAT%, and I felt super happy with myself.  Then, after winning Mr PR medium category in six months, I began to eat normally, to train and to return to my lifestyle that I was before.

My quest to become the expert was challenging and exhausting.  However, now I UNDERSTAND.  I have become a better coach and a better person because I have been there.

Because I've been there, I want to share with you what I believe is the first step to having a low-fat body and a healthier lifestyle.  Changing your lifestyle begins with the desire to change.  I know from experience that YOU CAN NOT PUT YOUR SHAPE AT NIGHT MORNING. 

You have to make the changes, as I had to, to get into the right mindset BEFORE starting vigorous training routines ...



Hannah Smith

Personal Trainer



My Training Philosophy:

I am a success driven health and fitness professional seeking an environment where I can help others achieve their goals as well as pass the knowledge I possess in exercise and nutrition so they can apply it to their everyday life. Fitness is not just about the looks but a lifelong lifestyle.

600 hours of theory and practical application that includes but is not limited to; program design in accordance to the NASM Optimum Performance Training Model, Basic nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, client appraisal and Functional Movement Screenings (FMS)




•Group Training

•Resistance training


•Body mass index (BMI)

•Micronutrient/Macronutrients knowledge

•Testosterone Optimizing Training (T.O.T)

•Program developer

•Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED Certified


Ann Allen


  • Personal Training

  • Senior Fitness

  • Cancer Exercise Specialist

My Training Philosophy:

Choosing the right trainer is the first step in achieving your fitness goals.  It is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. So, I will try to give you an idea of the approach I bring to my work. 

I am extremely passionate about fitness and about helping each of my clients reach his/her individual objectives.  Because of this, my workouts are personalized to create a training style that works best for each individual client.  To help clients focus, I employ a variety of methodologies, including traditional training, functional training, circuit training, HIIT (High Intensity Intervals), etc.

I believe that proper form is also extremely important.  So, I pay close and constant attention to my clients while they are exercising.  (I won’t be texting or talking on my cellphone during a session!)  I care about what I do, and I am careful about what I do.

 Because there is more to fitness than our workouts together, I regularly share fitness and wellness information-some general for all clients and some specific for an individual client.

 I hope that my passion and commitment to your training will energize your efforts to continually set and attain higher goals.


  • Advanced CPR and AED certified since 2004

  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification since 2005

  • National Posture Institute Certified Posture Specialist since 2015

  • Bosu Certification since 2018

  • Cancer Exercise Training Institute Bosu Breast Cancer Recover Specialist since 2018

  • Cancer Exercise Training Institute Cancer Exercise Specialist since 2019

Additional Continuing Education in:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Nutrition

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Functional Fitness after 40

  • Core and Balance Training

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Featured in Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 in October, 2013